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How smart technology can help seniors live at home longer by Christine Sismondo

If the demographic trends hold, by 2037 — right about the time a lot of Gen Xers will start to get serious about retirement — one-quarter of Canadians will be over 65.

It’s hard to imagine what retirement is going to look like for those of us who first watched Ferris on a big screen, but we’ll almost certainly have one thing in common with generations that came before us, namely, we’ll want to “age in place” (live at home) for as long as we can.

“We did a poll last year and found that 96 per cent of people in the boomer age demographic told us they want to stay at home,” said Susan D. VanderBent, chief executive officer of Home Care Ontario. “People don’t want to be in congregate settings and they’ve been very clear about this.”

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